1831-го ИЮНЯ 11 ДНЯ | Such a soul’s in heaven (or in hell)

The attempt to render Lermontov’s famous poem ‘1831-go IYUNYA 11 DNYA’ into contemporary English arose as a request from the Russian filmmaker Maxim Privezentsev, who was making a film entitled ‘The Scottish Wind of Lermontov” and wished to feature a translation of ‘1831-go IYUNYA 11 DNYA’ by a contemporary Scottish poet. Having already translated some of Lermontov’s verses, Thomas Beavitt agreed to make the attempt. However, some of the issues arising in the course of attempting to capture the nuances Lermontov’s rhythmically intricate early masterpiece resulted in a much larger project including a scientific paper and a musical version recorded with sound producer Andrey Bokovikov and Nikita Nikitin.