Frank McNab – painter

Frank McNab was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and has lived and worked in the city most of his life. He was educated at Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow College of Building and Printing.

McNab’s work is collected internationally and he has paintings in collections in Canada, America, France, and Russia. His work has been used for book covers (he is particularly proud of having his painting “The Last Library” used on the cover of Kenneth Roy’s book “The Invisible Spirit”) in the UK and album covers as diverse as Heavy Metal and Russian Poetry and singing.

McNab is known for his representations of tenements and these paintings have become increasingly popular both in his native Glasgow and further afield. He has had solo exhibitions in venues as celebrated as The People’s Palace in Glasgow. A number of McNab’s larger works are now part of Glasgow City Council’s art collection.

McNab is a member of Glasgow Art Club, the Paisley Art Institute, and the Royal Glasgow Institute and has exhibited at The Scottish Royal Academy, Edinburgh.