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Lately I’ve been spending less time actively engaging on social media.
Partly this is due to a feeling that nothing is happening there any more. I seem to be increasingly aware of the tweaking of algorithms designed to increase my responsivity to whatever it is advertisers want me to be responsive to – and increasingly oblivious to cool stuff that is going on. I guess it’s the same for everyone.
The other reason is that I have been busy working (with the help of Olga Kabanova) on this website / blog. The long-term goal here is to create a community around the central activity of song translation. However, as existing collaborations have shown, as well as singers and translators, this activity can also involve poets, painters, dancers, language teachers, musicians, photographers, producers, video artists and more.
For now, the website only presents collaborative projects that I am or have been personally been involved in. However, future iterations of the site will allow other members to join, publish their own project content and contact potential collaborators for future projects.
Meanwhile, if you have a website or blog that presents compatible work, I invite you to post a link at the bottom of this thread. If I think it is compatible, I will add your link to the “links” section of my site – and ask you to do the same in return.
Let’s re-enchant the global village together!

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