The Bard is not dead! | Жив поэт!

The Bard is not dead! | Жив поэт! is a song cycle composed by Thomas Beavitt around English translations of eight poems written by the Russian poet Mikhail Yuryevitch Lermontov. Intended to be performed by a male singer either to a simple guitar or piano accompaniment or with full orchestra and choir, The Bard is not dead! | Жив поэт! can be performed in either the translated English version or the original Russian texts.

The demo version presented here, recorded in 2019 and 2020 by Andrey Bokovikov, is performed in Russian by Thomas Beavitt and features the voices of Ekaterina Ashrafzyanova, Rusha Grebenschikova and Ekaterina Maltseva.

One thought on “The Bard is not dead! | Жив поэт!”

  1. Folk s not dead! So rise up higher Folk s not dead! And we take off now Folk s not dead! Let s get our skates on Folk s not dead! For singing louder Those days When we cruised around and got the wrong lines And we don t give a damn about the bad signs So we went down the drain Acting like dirty dweebs but here we stand up again!

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