The Linden Tree

The Linden Tree (translation of “Der Lindenbaum” by Wilhelm Müller from Schubert’s “Winterreise” song cycle)

Serenely, by the fountain,
There stands a linden tree.
Where often have I tarried
Transfixed in reverie.

Its bark bears the impression
Of my knife and sweetheart’s name;
When filled with strange emotion
To muse there oft I came.

Thus forsooth was I persuaded
To pass that way late at night,
And, though submerged in darkness,
My eyes were screwed up tight.

I heard its branches rustle,
Such kindly cellulose!
Come! O weary journeyman!
And here may you find repose!

But then the wind blew lustily,
A gust full in my face;
My hat lost to the undergrowth;
My steps I’d not retrace.

Time has flowed since that encounter
And miles that now interpose,
But still I hear that whispering:
Here may you find your repose!
Since then for hours been wandering,
Long miles that interpose:
Come, o weary journeyman
Here may you find repose!
Here may you find repose!

English verse translation © Thomas Beavitt 2017

No. 5 The Linden Tree by Chisha

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