‘Winter Journeyman’ – a contemporary English interpretation of Schubert’s classic song cycle

‘Winter Journeyman’ by Chisha Paszczyk

Schubert’s 24-song cycle Winterreise, completed while he literally lay dying at the age of 31, has been called his “swansong” and the “defining masterpiece” of the Lieder genre.

Reinterpreted many times since its first performance in 1828, the cycle, in whicha young manrecounts his rejection by his fiancée and psychological development as he journeys through a stark winter landscape, has now been translated into a contemporary English version by the Scottish translator-singer Thomas Beavitt.

As well as presenting a literary, singable and contemporary English version of the classic cycle, Winter Journeyman encompasses a new musical interpretation by the award-winning Russian pianist Alexander Polakov and singer Thomas Beavitt and a series of visual interpretations by the American artist Chisha Paszczyk.

If you are interested in booking a performance of Winter Journeyman, please contact Thomas Beavitt (English) or Alexander Polyakov (Russian).

Winter Journeyman (YouTube playlist)
Video playlist of the contemporary English interpretation of Schubert’s iconic song cycle.
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Winter Journeyman – Premiere
Video of premiere concert performance of Winter Journeyman at Dom Muzyki on 19th April 2018
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Winter Journeyman – playlist
Winter Journeyman – Click to listen!
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Article about publishing Winterreise published in the Journal of Music Scholarship
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Franz “Emo” Schubert’s Winter Journeyman – Thomas Beavitt at Dom Muzyki [House of Music]
Translation of Dmitry Khanchin's review of Winter Journeyman concert premiere
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What is a “Ringtone”?
Humorous promo in which Schubert appears to congratulate the translator of his famous song cycle and ask a few awkward
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Премьера вокального цикла Winter Journeyman («Зимный путь»)
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Winter Journeyman preview at the USPU
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The Linden Tree
The Linden Tree (translation of “Der Lindenbaum” by Wilhelm Müller from Schubert’s “Winterreise” song cycle) Serenely, by the fountain, There
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Dream of Spring
Dream of Spring (translation of “Frühlingstraum” by Wilhelm Müller from Schubert’s “Winterreise” song cycle) I dreamt about vivid flowers, That
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